SINCRESIS offers to artists the possibility to live and work because it has a location and a space for studio, workshops and for exhibitions. The program is aimed at artists from all artistic disciplines, and especially young artists at the beginning of their careers and curators.
Artist residency consists in a minimum stay of seven days, with a possible extension subject to availability (from seven days to ninety days).
The period covers a program based on the proposal of a personal project sent beforehand.

In this stay the artists are promoted by the association through workshops, exhibitions, presentations, performances, press conferences.
The artist can realize his project with a workshop, an exhibition, an open studio.
There is the possibility to organize also an exhibition in other cities in Italy in the period in which the artist is residing or after this period. It is possible also to work with another artist in residence or with other artists who live in our territory.
In fact SINCRESIS has relationship with many artists and with other spaces in Florence, Rome and Milan as

Creativity House, Florence
F_AIR Florence, Florence
Hybrida Gallery, Rome
Care of, Milan

The artist must present a project which is examined by a commission formed by a curator, a director or a professor of Academy of Visual arts, an artist, an art critic, a president of a cultural association.
In fact our association has constituted a committee for the selection.
SINCRESIS accepts projects in visual arts, photography, video, painting, sculpture, installation, performing arts, music, dance, literature, theatre, educational programmes, animation, curatorial, film making, architecture.
The artists can establish contacts with the various groups of the zone, such as social associations, ceramic, glass and marble factories, video or photography studios, pottery schools, dance schools, creative writing associations.

Each artist participates in a selection with a project.
The free stay is offered for a maximum of ten days to artists with the best selected projects as special projects (for example proposed by art spaces/ associations/ artist residencies/institutions, or in connection with an announcement or a specific analysis of the territory, etc.).
In fact SINCRESIS during the year alternates in the residency free stays and stays with a payment.
The free residency can be extended to successive weeks with a payment.

During the period of residency the artist can meet art critics, gallery directors, collectors.
The artist can be accompanied to visit museums of contemporary art, galleries, parks of environmental arts, academies, schools, institutes of photography, etcetera in Tuscany.
The artist in residency can elaborate a project on site which dialogues with the opportunity to work with other artists in our space, because the association offers also a studio for artists.
Documentation about the work during residency is published on our website with the various experiences during the stay using photos and texts.

Sending the application form and with the acceptance of candidature, the artist gives the permission to reproduce the images of his works on our website and publication.

Applications: who/ how
Applications are open to artists of all proficiencies – beginners to more advanced artists.

How apply:
Candidates should submit:
1. The completed application form (may be downloaded from website)
2. An up – to – date Curriculum Vitae with personal details
3. A portfolio with a documentation of three/ six examples of recent work (photographs, catalogues, publications, articles, CD, etc. and relative exhibitions (as indicated in application form)
4. An explanation or outline of the project to be undertaken during the residency
5. The desired dates for your stay

It is possible to send an application form and other documents
By email to:
or: -

Or by post to
Scappini Alessandra
Viale Giotto n. 43
50053 Empoli (Firenze)

Selection procedure
Applicants are invited based upon project work and curriculum vitae and stated artistic intentions in compatibility with availability of the residence spaces.
Admissions Timetable – There are no application deadlines. Decisions are made by a committee composed of a staff of artists and critics of art as mentioned.

Presentation of artists’ work
At the end of the residency the association organizes a workshop, an exhibition, or an open studio in its large space of 200 metres square and at the same time or at a later date the artist can also present own work in a collective exhibition in our spaces or in other spaces in the indicated cities.
This is a great chance for the artists to share the work done during the residency with a broader audience, with public talks and open studio.

To book and to receive informations about selection, program and costs:
Send an email: or or contact us through Facebook (personal profile Alessandra Scappini) and then you can complete an application form (may be downloaded from website)







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